Bibibir is the result of about ten years of homebrewing, during which the partners, with great passion, worked wholeheartedly to improve their brewing technique. Many were the home brews, many were the travels in order to collect all the pieces of the puzzle that gave life to this project. More specifically Bibibir took inspiration from some typical Belgian breweries to draw its unique system, following its specific needs and habits. The handcrafted 20hl direct flame system is Bibibir flagship and holds its philosophy: handicraft and maximum respect for tradition. In fact all the beers are brewed following a more traditional and laborious process, every step is supervised from the brewer and automation is nearly absent.

Also in the hop additions there’s something that makes Bibibir beers unique. In fact only carefully selected hop flowers are used and to ensure their maximum freshness during all the year, the hops are bought at the harvest directly from the farmers of Poperinge (Belgium) and Yakima Valley (USA).
Also fermentation in made according to the tradition, following natural timing of the yeasts and without any attempt to hasten their fermentation.

Moreover Bibibir beers are bottle fermented and made without any added preservatives or chemicals. The result is an unfiltered, unpasteurized , 100% natural beer.



Park Guell